Boutique Developer

We are a boutique property development entreprise committed to natural living and innovvative design aiming to become an international brand in the natural living market, focusing on employing the best in design and service to build an international following.

We hsve sucessfully developer Deger 16 ( , a city-center residential building in Nisantasi, Istanbul, Turkey  which we own and operate; Palivor Farm (, a 35 acre farm development near Turkish Bulgarian border,  as well as Sadik Pasha House, a listed historical residential property on the world famous Bosphorus.


Development Consultancy

We offer a consultancy service capable of covering every aspect of development, giving you a start-to-finish service. We can assist in the identification of an opportunity, provide advice on the design, procurement and construction of a project and can also provide sales and marketing expertise at any stage.

To maximize the full potential of each development, we will utilise our considerable experience and imagination as well as sound commercial knowledge to add value to each of the projects that we work on. For the development projects to be successful, we need to assist you, the developer, in your understanding of the entire development process, provide you risk management and also generate innovative and investment led sales strategies. We will be able to offer expertise at all stages of the development process and provide an integrated service from site acquisition to final sales of individual units.

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