Kerem Oral
Kerem as a partner  is at the forefront of our firm's creative and operational endeavours, spearheading the design team whilst co-managing our construction and development projects. With a remarkable tenure exceeding three and a half decades in the realms of design and construction, Kerem brings an unparalleled depth of expertise and insight to our practice. His proficiency is particularly evident in the intricate detailing of design, a skill honed through extensive, hands-on experience in construction and project management. Kerem’s portfolio is a testament to his diverse and international experience, having successfully overseen the creation of over 115 luxury retail boutiques, 8 distinguished hotels, 20 bank branches, and 15 residential projects across a geographical tapestry that includes Turkey, the Middle East, Russia, Central Asia, India, and the United States. A pivotal aspect of Kerem’s role involves leveraging his exceptional design and construction skills for some of the world’s most esteemed luxury retail brands. Moreover, he transcends the traditional architect's role, acting as an architect-developer in designing bespoke residential projects. Kerem’s work has garnered international acclaim, evidenced by multiple awards. These accolades include the International Property Awards Turkey  for 'Deger 16' , 'Palivor Farm'  'Polat Residence'  'Palivor Yesilce' ,  'Palivor Farm Lucky Deer Club' , Palmoral Courtyard West Palm Beach USA. Palmoral Burj Royal Dubai, UAE. His academic background is equally impressive, with Kerem being an alumnus of The School of Architecture in Grenoble. His academic prowess was recognized early in his career, notably with the Jury’s special recognition award for the St Julien en Genevois competition. Kerem’s combination of academic excellence, professional experience, and a string of accolades makes him an invaluable asset to our firm and a visionary in the field of architecture and design.
Emre Oral
Emre, partner and Kerem's brother, leads our firm's boutique development projects, sharing the helm in construction and project management commissions . His extensive expertise in construction project management and owner representation is pivotal to our firm's operations. Renowned for his acumen in construction-related legal and commercial matters, Emre adeptly manages the tender processes for our luxury clients. He plays a crucial role in the appointment of contractors, overseeing their contracts, and ensuring meticulous schedule management and project delivery from inception to completion. Emre's proficiency extends to dispute management, where he excels in navigating complex challenges. Furthermore, Emre's prowess is showcased in the initiation and creation of residential development projects. He  was the visionary initiating, projects such as Deger 16, Oral's in-city residential development, the luxurious renovation of the listed Sadik Pasha Mansion, Palivor Farm in Kirklareli, Turkey as well as the creation of Dubai and West Palm Beach luxury property portfolio. These projects, combined with his brother Kerem's work  have won accolades in design, development, and marketing, elevating Oral's profile to international recognition for its excellence in design, construction, and development. Emre's educational background, comprising a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Illinois Wesleyan University (1990) and a Masters of International Management from Thunderbird: The American Graduate School of International Management (1991), further solidifies his expertise and leadership in the field. His combination of academic knowledge and practical experience makes him a cornerstone of our firm's success and a visionary in the arena of architectural development and construction management.
Ahmet Oral
Partner 1937-2021
Ahmet Oral, the esteemed patriarch of our firm and father to Kerem and Emre, was a luminary in the field of architecture. His academic journey in architecture began at the prestigious Architectural Association School of Architecture from 1956 to 1961. Following his studies, Ahmet honed his skills as an assistant architect at the renowned London offices of Howell, Killick, Partridge, and Amis for two years, after which he expanded his expertise in Zurich under the mentorship of Otto Glaus, a disciple of the legendary Le Corbusier. In 1964, Ahmet returned to Turkey and joined the practice founded by his father, Muhtar Oral, in 1935. Under his leadership as a senior architect, the firm flourished. Ahmet's notable accomplishments include the design and supervision of the Yapı ve Kredi Bank headquarters in Istanbul. His contributions to the bank extended to various projects, such as apartment blocks in Istanbul, bank branches and offices at Beykoz, and a meeting and conference hall for major shareholders in Yeniköy. Beyond his work with the bank, Ahmet demonstrated versatility and creativity in residential design. He designed and constructed an apartment block in Bebek, Istanbul, and duplex apartments within a villa in Dragos, Istanbul. His passion for detailed craftsmanship was evident in his work between 1977 and 1984, where he designed and built contract interiors and modular kitchens in his own workshop. Ahmet's legacy continues to inspire and guide our firm, reflecting a deep commitment to architectural excellence and innovation. His passing two years ago marked the end of an era, but his influence remains a cornerstone of our firm's ethos and design philosophy.
Muhtar Oral
Founder 1909 - 1981
Muhtar Oral, the esteemed progenitor of our firm and father to Ahmet Oral, was a distinguished figure in the architectural and engineering landscape of Turkey. Born in Istanbul in 1907, Muhtar's academic pursuits in architecture and civil engineering culminated with his graduation from the “Royal Engineering School,” now known as Istanbul Technical University, in 1930. Muhtar commenced his professional journey as a site architect with the “Ibrahim Galip” Construction and Engineering firm, a tenure spanning from 1930 to 1935. He played a pivotal role as the chief site engineer in the construction of the “New Unkapani Bridge,” a landmark project of the time. In 1935, Muhtar founded his own architectural practice, Oral, marking the inception of a legacy that would span generations. His initial projects were predominantly focused on private villas and apartment buildings, notable examples being the “Ragip Bey” villa along the Bosphorus and the “Ucler Apartment” building on Gumussuyu Avenue in Istanbul. Additionally, he extended his architectural expertise to industrial projects, including the design of a Sugar Production plant in Alpullu. Muhtar's association with the Yapi Ve Kredi Bank, which began in 1946, was a significant milestone in his career. He dedicated his efforts to designing and constructing bank branches for the institution on a design-and-build basis. His work included over two hundred bank branches, delivering turn-key projects that encompassed all aspects from fixed and movable furniture to artwork and equipment. Muhtar Oral passed away in 1980, leaving behind a rich heritage of architectural innovation and excellence. His foundational work laid the groundwork for the firm's future generations, establishing a tradition of architectural mastery that continues to be upheld by his descendants.