Project Name / Palivor Farm – Lucky Deer Club

Client / Oral

Location / Demirkoy – Kirklareli

Project Type / Residential Development

Project Role / Architect, Developer, Investor

Year / 2021

Palivor Farm – Lucky Deer Club is a private ranch development located in the charming village of Demirköy, Kirklareli, Turkey. This development offers a unique blend of traditional farming and modern living, nestled in the heart of the Thracian region, known for its rich culture and history. The development is a family-oriented eco-living community that offers the finest farming activities and outdoor recreation options available.

The development is comprised of a high-quality home, designed to blend seamlessly with the traditional architecture of the village. Lucky Deer Club features a modern and minimalist aesthetic, with clean lines, large windows and open-plan living spaces.

The development offers a variety of activities to its residents, including outdoor recreation options like hiking, biking, and bird watching. The development also offers a community garden where residents can grow their own produce and learn about sustainable living.

The nearby village of Demirköy – Kırklareli is a must-see for history buffs, with ancient ruins and historical sites to explore. The beautiful beaches of the Black Sea are also nearby, offering opportunities for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports.

With the talent of the Oral Architects, Palivor Farm – Lucky Deer Club offers a unique living experience, where residents can experience the local culture and history firsthand while enjoying the modern amenities of a high-end development and the opportunity to live an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. It’s a perfect place for those looking for a comfortable and stylish home, with easy access to local amenities and natural beauty.